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Please take the time to sign the Guestbook. This was originally posted on 22nd April 2003. 

Please feel free to add suggestions here or just drop me an e-mail.   You can also subscribe to the Ringworld RPG yahoo group I've set up by sending  mail to (or clicking on) RingworldRPG-subscribe@yahoogroups.co.uk or go to the RingworldRPG Group homepage and subscribe from there. I've also set up a Forum on Invision (8th Jan 2005) and invite you to join the discussion. The Known Space website also has a lively mailing list.

I am also starting to collect information for a register of Ringworld RPG players and GMs, so if you would like to be put on the list please send me your name, age (optional), contact details and location.  Also indicate if you are a potential GM or player.  Perhaps some of you would like to run Ringworld games at conventions.  I'll send out a spreadsheet with the details to those interested and perhaps we can start to revive this glorious game.