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I'm searching the net to find any websites that will help you with running a game of Ringworld.  There is so much out there.  The list below is not exhaustive.  If you should find any sites that you feel should be here please drop me a line at david.e.gordon@gmail.com.

Forum and Yahoo Group

Before the forum there was the yahoo group.  I've just set up a Forum on Invision (8th Jan 2005).  Please feel free to join the yahoo group (RingworldRPG) and the Ringworld RPG Forum.


I will be running an RPG game and a miniatures game at Continuum on 24rd to 26th July.  It would be good to see you if you decide to go.  The convention is being held at Leicester University and concentrates on all games that were produced by the games company Chaosium.  Charlie Krank, the president of Chaosium will be there along with Stephen Martin, the Glorantha officianado.


Known Space website - a great start for art and other such goodies which can be printed out and used as props and aides for the game.  Excellent site.

Simon Hibbs has an intesting page on his brother's (Phil) website detailing 6 reasons why he thinks the Pak didn't build the Ringworld.  Simon and Phil also have another page on their Tnuctipun plot (helped by the input of the Larry Niven mailing list.

Ringworld Art can be found at:

Known Space Ringworld Art

Dennis Antinori has created a magnificent site which Larry Niven has applauded.  Take a look and you'll see what I mean.  It lives!

Fictional Worlds art gallery for Ringworld.

James W Williams's cgi art showing the Ringworld.

Ringworld Renderings.

Scientific info:

The Science of Ringworld by Alan Eisinger. 

Roleplaying Games (especially Chaosium inspired)

John Wood is working on GURPS conversions of the Ringworld RPG rules.  If you are mad about GURPS please give him all the help you can.undefined

There is another set of rules you could use at the D100 system website.

Eternal Champion website Book of Brilliant Things is a site dedicated to the Chaosium roleplaying games Elric/Stormbringer and the supplements published by Darksyde Publishing on Corum and Hawkmoon.  You could view Known Space as a very law dominated plane with Science indistinguishable from magic.

Basic Role Playing System is a site for Chaosium's BASIC RPG. This has a thriving community with a lot of devotees in Europe and a mailing group.  Loads useful material here, and there were some German rules for Traveller but the link seems to be broken.  You can find Stefan Matthias Aust's BRP adaption for Traveller and Tal Meta's Psionic rules Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

Bill Kendell has a Traveller/Ringworld cross over.  You can see his material at his webiste.