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Dennis Antinori, The Longshot Cockpit ©2003.  To travel through Human Space in the Long Shot (the Quantum 2 ship that Louis Wu and his Motley Crew flew to Ringworld in) then go here

Known Space in late 29th Century is about 80 light years in diameter with 10,000 stars.  This space also includes Human Space as well as neighbouring Alien civilisations.  Most of these star systems have never been visited by humans with Human Space itself being about 40 light years in diameter, with 524 stars in 357 systems.  This irregularly shaped bubble remains unsettled and inadequately mapped even after centuries of exploration, colonisation and military expansion.  There are 30 billion humans alive, of which 10 billion live on the dozen colonies, with Silvereyes being the furthest colony from Earth 21.3 light years).

The scope for adventure in this huge area of space is ripe.  A number of remote bases and settlements exist out in the edges of Human Space.  Less than 1% of Humanity has travelled from the heavily populated worlds

[Source of the above information is the RWRPG Explorer Book ©Chaosium 1984]

Known Space Chronology - Joe Covert combined the work of Marc Carlson and Richard S Holmes to produce the time line below.  This is based on the books and novels of Larry Niven, the Man-Kzin Wars series, and the RW RPG. Richard's and Marc's website quote all their sources. For a comprehensive review of all Larrry's Work go to the Known Space Review Page. There is also A Ringworld Study Guide available on the same website.  Quite a number of Larry's books and short stories are now available as ebooks.

SPOILER WARNING!!! - Reading this may ruin your enjoyment of Larry Niven's books if you haven't already read them.

We have adopted Marc's and Richard's coding system.  The codes in parentheses indicate the source. KSC = The Known Space Chronology,
published in Tales of Known Space (1975). Game = Ringworld Role Playing Game by Chaosium. MKW # = The series of short stories under the series title The Man-Kzin Wars, followed by the volume that the story occurs in.


c 15 Billion Years Ago
Creation of the Universe. [Ya gotta start somewhere!]

c 10 Billion Years Ago
Galaxies form.

9 Billion Years Ago
The "Outsiders" watch as planet-based sapients begin to develop. (MKW7 "A Darker Geometry")

1.5 Billion Years Ago
The Thrint, later known as the "Slavers", rule the Galaxy. [This is described as anywhere from 1.5 to 3 Billion years ago].

The crypto-Ptavv Guerdoth's Pruntaquilan Balladeer Coquaturia is hidden in a stasis box. (MKW5 "Hey Diddle Diddle")

In the last decades before the end of their rule, a thrint named Plorn's tnuctip slaves produce antigravity, ruining the need for Stage Trees to launch material, and precipitating a major economic crash. ("World of Ptavvs", "A Relic of Empire")

At this point, Kzanol experiences a failure of his ship, which he abandons. He aims it at the eighth world of F124, and places himself in stasis. His ship slams into a moon orbiting the eighth world, tearing the moon from its orbit and forming the planet later called Pluto. Kzanol slams into the algae-covered sea of F124 - III, later known as Earth. ("World of Ptavvs")

Before Kzanol actually impacts onto Earth, the Thrint Empire is engulfed in a civil war that will last for a century. This long revolt is led by the Tnuctipun, using their weapons of Sunflowers, and their Bandersnatchi / Whitefood spies. This war quickly involves all known species in the Galaxy, presumably excepting the Outsiders. ("World of Ptavvs", "The Soft Weapon")

As it becomes clear that the war is lost, the surviving Thrint build a giant telepathic Amplifier designed to order all sentients in the Galaxy to commit suicide on "Last Day". ("World of Ptavvs", MKW3 "The Asteroid Queen")

Durvash the Tnuctipun spy discovers a way to halt the impending Suicide Time, but his ship is thrust into Stasis by the impact of a Thrinti Godfist weapon that imbeds the tnuctip vessel into the molten crust of what will someday become the Jotun Mountains of Wunderland. (MKW5 "The Hall of the Mountain King")

A day or so before the Last Day/Suicide Time, Dnivtopun, Overseer of a food world in the 7-1Z-A (Alpha Centauri) System, his wives and his young son, suffer an accident that seals them in a stasis field. (MKW3 "The Asteroid Queen")

Somehow, some Thrintun may have survived and gradually evolved into the sessile Grogs of Down. ("The Handicapped")

50 Million Years Ago
Evolution of the Pak, progenitors of the human race. (Game)

3 Million Years Ago
Oldest date of Pak records of spaceflight. ("Protector")

2.5 Million Years Ago
The "Earth-Pak" leave the Pak homeworld. ("Protector". According to the game, this is 5 million years ago.)

2 Million Years Ago
The "Earth-Pak" arrive on Earth. They discover that the Earth's soil will not support the "tree of life" root, and send a message back to the Pak homeworld. ("Protector")

After receiving the message from the "Earth-Pak" fleet, the Ringworld Builder fleet leaves the Pak Homeworld. (Game, "Ringworld Engineers")

1 Million Years Ago
Building and stocking of the Ringworld. (Game)

500,000 BCE
Puppeteer population numbers nearly half a trillion. They terraform two of the worlds in their system. ("Ringworld")

250,000 BCE
Approximate age of the "Map of Earth" on Ringworld. (Game)

The Ringworld Pak die off from some undisclosed disease. ("Ringworld Engineers". Game has this at 300,000 BCE.)

100,000 BCE
"Outsiders" help the Puppeteers with technologies. They sell them gravity planers, hyperdrive, and the "Mover of Worlds". (MKW7 "A Darker Geometry")

53,000 BCE
The childless Pak Protectors gather for war..... ("Protector")

40,000 BCE
"Cathouse" world built and stocked. (MKW1 "Cathouse")

33,000 BCE
Phssthpok leaves the Pak homeworld. ("Protector")

32,800 BCE
First Emigration Wave leave Pak homeworld. ("Protector" -- Truesdale's estimate)

32,500 BCE
Second Emigration Wave leaves Pak homeworld. ("Protector" -- Truesdale's estimate)

32,000 BCE
Protector Scout fleet leaves Pak homeworld. ("Protector" -- Truesdale's estimate)

15,000 BCE
The Empire of the City Builders begins to spread across the face of the Ringworld. (Game)

c 14,975 BCE
The Proto-Ghoul Louis Wu eventually names Cronus becomes a Protector. ("Ringworld Throne")

8,000 BCE
Importation of species to the Ringworld by the City Builders. (Game).

The Core Stars begin to explode. (Estimate - "At the Core")

c 8,000 BCE
The Jotaki visit the planet Kzin, in the 61 Ursa Majoris system. They attempt to hire the Kzinti as mercenaries, but are themselves enslaved. The Kzinti use the Jatoki biological sciences to drive their females into non-sentience, and to make all their males into the ideal "Heroes". (MKW3 "Asteroid Queen"; date is an estimate)

7,000 BCE
The Core Stars complete their orgy of self-destruction. ("At the Core")

c 1415 CE
The Vampire Louis Wu eventually names Bram is "shaped", becoming a Protector ["7200 falans ago"]. ("Ringworld Throne")

c 1450 CE
The Protectors Anne and Bram kill Cronus and take control of the Repair Center. The "Fist of God" mountain is created by a giant impact from outside the Ring ["7000 falans ago"].

The Protector Anne leaves Bram at the Repair Center ["just under 7000 falans ago"]. ("Ringworld Throne")

Puppeteers introduce Superconductor Plague to the Ringworld. ("Ringworld Engineers". Games this date as both 1733 and 1140.)

Superconductor Plague causes the "Fall of Cities" on Ringworld. ("Ringworld Engineers", "Ringword Throne". Game dates this as both 1733 and 1140.)

c 1850
Kzinti occupy Warhead, in the p Eridani system, because of its nearness to the unconquered Pierin worlds. ("Ringworld Engineers"; exact date is unknown)

c 1860
The Protector Anne returns to the Repair Center to get more Tree of Life. She leaves again shortly thereafter ["5000 falans ago"]. ("Ringworld Throne")

The "Vaughn Tiger Man" is killed by Cpt. Henry Vaughn of the 4th Lancers in Dirragha. (MKW7 "The Colonel's Tiger")

Karl Landsteiner classifies blood into four types, allowing for the first safe blood transfusions. (Reality; "The Jigsaw Man")

Lucas Launcelot Garner is born. ("Protector")

Karl Landsteiner and Alexander S. Weiner report on the Rh factor found in blood. (Reality; "The Jigsaw Man")

Blood banks are found world-wide. (Reality)

The Kzin conquer the Pierin. (Game date)

India begins to break up criminals for organ transplants (Reality)

(We have used Marc's and Richard's key system.  The codes in parentheses indicate the source.

The Viking landings on Mars. (Reality)

Organ transplants are common. (Reality)

c 1983
Messenger VI probe visits Mercury and discovers life. ("Coldest Place")

Persephone (Sol X) is discovered by Earth astronomers. ("Protector")

c 1985?
"Howie" and Eric Donovan's brain visit both Mercury and Venus. ("The Coldest Place", "Becalmed in Hell". Date is a guess. It is likely that Eric is founder of the computer company knwon as Donovan's Brains in the 26th century; he might also be the "Eric the Cyborg" mentioned in the the Game section on The Belt.)

Mariner XX flyby of Pluto. ("Protector". Date is a guess.)

First laws are enacted prohibiting Organ sale. (Game)

It becomes legal to freeze people who are not yet legally dead. ("The Defenseless Dead")

The first manned expedition to Pluto ends in disaster, trapping the lander in the Ice. Both of the crew on Pluto commit suicide by exposure to the frozen "atmosphere". ("Wait it Out")

It becomes possible to store any organ for any reasonable period of time. The dying regularly will their organs to Organ Banks. ("The Jigsaw Man") The "Project Gulliver" automated Mars Rovers land on Mars. (Game)

Leviticus Hale becomes the first person frozen for a non-terminal disorder (incurable paranoia). ("The Defenseless Dead")

Vermont enacts the first Organ Bank Laws to freeze criminals for crimes. [This appeared once as "Arkansas".]

20 July:
First manned landing on Mars (Harry Bedrosian, Christopher Luden (Lander), Abe Cooper (Orbiter)). They discover the remains of a Martian. ("Eye of an Octopus" -- Date given in Game)

World Convention establishes a World Government. The ruling body is called the "United Nations". Subsequently, the U.N. establishes the Amalgamated Regional Militia (ARM) as its police force. (Game)

Boeing Corporation begins launching radioactive waste into Del Rey Crater, on the Moon. ("The Girl in Del Rey Crater")

c 2007
Moon is colonized; Jacob Hovestraydt founds Hovestraydt City. ("Patchwork Girl". Dates in "The Girl in Del Rey Crater" suggest c. 2030.)

First orbital passenger vessel is launched. ("World of Ptavvs")

Sometime between 2015 and 2025
The Jupiter Probe launced. "Hard and Soft Plith" created? ("Intent to Deceive")
Cetacean Rights Acts passed.

Garner becomes Superintendent of Police of Greater Los Angeles. ("Intent to Deceive")

First automated restaurants. ("Intent to Deceive")

Something major but unexplained happens in Australia. (MKW7 "The Colonel's Tiger")

c 2030
Magnetic monopoles are discovered. [Date is an estimate based in material in "Protector".]

Valerie Van Scopp Rhine is born in Winnetka, North America. ("The Girl in Del Rey Crater")

c 2040
The Third Mars Expedition's problems begin when John "Jack" Carter (Ecologist) murders Lew Harness (Communications) because of perceived homosexual advances. Carter is tracked to his death by Alf Harness (Linguist), the murdered man's brother, but Carter's death is bought at the cost of Alf Harness's life. ("How the Heroes Die")

The remaining twelve (Lieutenant-Major "Mayor" Michael Shute; Rufus Doolittle (Biochemist); Gondot, Lee Cousins (Writer), Hurley (Cook), "Timmy", and seven others) all die when their dome, "Bubbletown" at Lacis Solis, is destroyed by Martians. ("At the Bottom of a Hole")

Maxim Yeltzin Shreve is born Outer Soviet, Moon. ("The Girl in Del Rey Crater")

c 2045
A mass driver is built on the Moon in preparation for building an L-5 colony. The company goes bankrupt and the mass driver remains unfinished. ("Patchwork Girl")

The construction of the Confinement Asteroid is begun. ("World of Ptavvs")

c 2050
Estimated date of first wireheader. ("Protector")

Boeing Corporation stops launching radioactive waste into Del Rey Crater, on the Moon. ("The Girl in Del Rey Crater")

First colony ships leave for Alpha Centauri. (Game)

2061 Ramscoop Robot No. 4 discovers Plateau in Tau Ceti system.

2065 Confinement Asteroid is completed. This enables women in the Asteroid Belt to give birth without returning to earth.

Sometime after this, the Belt becomes independent from the Earth; most of the planets and asteriods are under the Belt jurisdiction -- including Earth's Moon -- but Earth has jurisdiction over Mars. ("World of Ptavvs", "At the Bottom of a Hole")

c 2065
Ramscoop Robot No. 9 discovers We Made It in Procyon system.

Geraldine Randall born Clavius, Moon. ("The Girl in Del Rey Crater")

Lucas Garner resigns as Superintendent of Police of Greater Los Angeles, and becomes an ARM. ("Intent to Deceive").

He is replaced by Lloyd Masney.

Approximate date of the launch of the Lazy Eight I to Sirius. [Date is my guess, however, it is mentioned as having reached Jinx by 2097 in "World of Ptavvs", based on speed of Slowboat in "A Gift from Earth".]

Approximate date of the launch of the Lazy Eight II, eventually lost with its 50 passengers and 4 crew, en route to Sirius ("Flatlander". Date is my guess, however, it is mentioned as having reached Jinx by 2097 in "World of Ptavvs", based on speed of Slowboat in "A Gift from Earth". It is possible that there were some people who escaped the runaway slowboat?)

Slowboat launched towards Alpha Centauri. [Date is estimated, based on speed of Slowboat in "A Gift from Earth".]

Planck launched towards Tau Ceti. ("A Gift from Earth". Based on launch date; trip is thirty years long.)

Valerie Van Scopp Rhine becomes a full partner with Maxim Yeltzin Shreve in Gabriel's Shield. ("The Girl in Del Rey Crater")

Gil Hamilton born?
[This date is based on "The Girl in Del Rey Crater". He suggests strongly that he is 41. But see entry for 2093!]

Wunderland, in the Alpha Centauri system, is colonized by the Nineteen Families (including Schleisser and Freuchen). (Game)

Geraldine Randall dissapears after apparently embezzlling funds from Gabriel's Shield, a research group run by Rhine and Shreve. ("The Girl in Del Rey Crater")

Maxim Shreve and five others (including Geraldine Randall) register as Shreve Development. ("The Girl in Del Rey Crater")

Gil Hamilton born in Topeka, Kansas (in April)? [This date according to "Death By Ecstasy", since he is 26 in 2117 when Cubes Forsythe dies. But see entry for 2093!]

April: Gilbert "Gil" Hamilton born in Topeka, Kansas. [Date given specifically in "Death By Ecstasy" or "DD". Also see 2086, 2091, and 2097, however.]

Ramscoop Robot reveals the presence of an inhabitable planet around Epsilon Indi (Home).

Alan Jacob Mion claims to have been the first person to visit Persephone. He reports finding a large moon. ("Protector")

c 2095
Jinx in Sirius system colonized.

Maxim Shreve patents the first practical radiation shield ("The Girl in Del Rey Crater").

The Second Jinx Expedition, exploring the oceans of Jinx in the Lazy Eight II, discovers surviving Tnuctip "whitefoods" and names them "Frumious Bandersnatchi". ("World of Ptavvs". Date calculated from the fact that the report reaches Earth in 2106 from Sirius.)

Gil Hamilton born? [This date is based on information in "Death By Ecstasy", and NOT "The Girl in Del Rey Crater". But see entry for 2093!]

Warren Lewis Knowles is tried for excessive speeding. ("The Jigsaw Man" -- Date given in KSC)

c 2100
By 2100, the Belt population is about one million. This is the era of Four-Gee Jennison, Airlock Atwood, and Monopole Mike -- the exploits of Eric the Cyborg and the hazardous journeys of the Ringjammer take place at this time. The Church of Rodney sells gullible Flatlanders phony mineral rights on phantom asteroids. (Game).

"Superman Insurrection?"; "Sanction of the Belt over a the use of the Jovian Moons?" (World of Ptavvs")

2094 or 2099 or 2101 or 2105
"First Big Slowboat" launched towards Alpha Centauri, carrying a large scale Shreveshield. (Presumably this is a much larger slowboat than the one launched around 2080.) ["The Girl in Del Rey Crater" says this happened when Gil Hamilton was eight years old, but his age and date of birth varies from story to story.]

First Conference to Review Lunar Law. The Moon becomes the center for criminal trial proceedings and executions for the entire Solar System off Earth. ("Patchwork Girl").

c 2105
An economic war between the Belt and Earth. ("World of Ptavvs")

The report of the Second Jinx Expedition's discovery of Bandersnatch reaches Earth. ("World of Ptavvs")

A blowout in the Hovestraydt City dome.
("Patchwork Girl")

Time Retarder field developed. Kzanol the Thrint ("The Sea Statue") awakens, and accidentally takes over the body of Larry Greenberg. They both steal ships and flee first to Neptune, and then to Pluto. After igniting the entire surface of Pluto, Kzanol is sealed in stasis. His second suit, with its telepathic amplifier is dumped into the atmosphere of Jupiter. Greenberg determines that Bandersnatchi are intelligent. (Lucas Garner is 170 years old at this time, and Charles Martin "Lit" Shaeffer is First Speaker of the Belt Political Section.)

Free Belt Charter proclaimed. (Game date? This is quite inconsistent -- see 2065)

c 2110
Launch of the Lazy Eight III towards Sirius (presumably carrying Larry Greenberg).

A Ramscoop Robot discovers Silvereyes (Beta Hydri).

A power outage at the Copernicus Dome (hospital and penal complex) on the Moon ruins half the organs from four executions. ("Patchwork Girl")

"First big slowboat" reaches Wunderland. [Estimated based on speed of Tau Ceti slowboats in "A Gift from Earth" and a launch date of 2101].

Kenneth Graham becomes a wire-head pusher. ("Death by Ecstasy" dates)

A Belter, Muller, crashes on Mars, near the Lacis Solis ruins, while smuggling monopoles. He discovers that the Martians had wiped out the 3rd Martian Expedition and were still around. The Martians kill him, but his log survives. (Lit Shaeffer still First Speaker for the Belt at this time.) ("At the Bottom of a Hole")

The Planck reaches Plateau in the Tau Ceti system. The six members of the Crew establish the Covenant of Planetfall, making themselves the rulers of the fifty Colonists. ("Gift from Earth"; trip is thirty years long, and they arrive 40 years before second Slowboat. Game date is 2102.)

Lucas Garner tells a ficticious story to his partner. Garner is now 174 years old. ("Intent to Deceive")

2106 or 2111 or 2113 or 2117
Gil Hamilton emigrates to the Belt. ["Death By Ecstasy" says this happened when Gil Hamilton was twenty years old, but his age and date of birth varies from story to story.]

Gil Hamilton says goodbye to Naomi Horne. ["Patchwork Girl" says this was in 2113; possibly this was when he left for the Belt.]

4 January:
Naomi (Horne) Mitchison's daughter Miranda is born. ("Patchwork Girl").
22 April:
Hamilton has an accident and loses an arm, while killing Cubes Forsythe. ("Death by Ecstasy").

Cubes Forsythe's ceremonial drunk on Ceres. ("Death by Ecstasy" -- presumably after Hamilton is released from the hospital).

Six months later, Gil Hamilton returns to Earth and becomes an ARM. [If Hamilton's dates in "Death by Ecstasy" are accepted. He spent three years in a the belt with Owen "Four Gee" Jennison and Homer Chandrasekhar. Owen saved a meteor which had hit him in the chest. But the story "ARM" would suggest he joined in 2122.]

Miranda Mitchison is killed by her father, comedian "Ich" Mitchison. ("Patchwork Girl")
Naomi Mitchison visits the Moon. ("Patchwork Girl")

6 September:
Naomi Mitchison applies for Lunar Citizenship. ("Patchwork Girl")

2122 First Freezer Bill passed, making it legal for people who were technically dead when they were frozen to be broken up for the Organ Banks, if they would be unable to support themselves if awakened. Twelve hundred thousand people are broken up for the Organ Banks. Most of these are "The Freezeout Kids", young people who were unable to adjust to the world they lived in and chose the frozen sleep. ("Defensless Dead")

Gil Hamilton kills his first man, Raphael Haine, an Organlegger. (His superior is still Lucas Garner at this point.) ("Death by Ecstasy")

The ARMs retire Lucas Garner. ("Protector")

The "Fourth Slowboat" (The Arthur C. Clarke?) is launched towards Tau Ceti. It carries a larger model Shreveshield. ("The Girl in Del Rey Crater")

21 March: Holden Chambers and his sister Charlotte are kidnapped. Organlegger Anthony Tiller of the Anubis Gang places his brain into Mortimer Lincoln's body. Anubis places his brain in Chamber's body. They drive Charlotte insane. ("The Defenseless Dead")
2 November:
Owen Jennison is found dead of a Wirehead incident. Gil Hamilton investigates Owen's death, and meets Taffy. ("Death by Ecstasy")

Phssthpok the Pak arrives in the Solar system, where he captures a Belter named Jack Brennan. (Lucas Garner is 185 years old at this time; Nicholas Sohl is First Speaker for the Belt Political Section.) [Date is given as 11 years after "At the Bottom of a Hole"]

4 June:
First part of "The Defenseless Dead". Hamilton still works for Garner, who is in his "180's". (According to the dates in the story.)

3 Feb:
Passage of the Second Freezer Bill by the Security Council, allowing for the breaking up of the Group II (insane or otherwise not defective enough to serve as organ donors) frozen "Corpscicles" into the Organ Banks. Three hundred thousand are "eligible". ("The Defenseless Dead", second part).
The activities of the Anubis Gang appear to push the World Vote to a "No". ("The Defenseless Dead", third part).

Taffy gets the chance to practice medicine on the Moon. She and Hamilton separate. ("Patchwork Girl")

Maxim Shreve retires. ("The Girl in Del Rey Crater")

The colony ship Ion Maiden crashes onto the surface of We Made It. [Date is a blatant guess. Ship name is based on Game information.]

4 June:
Raymond Sinclair, inventer of Sinclair monofilament, is murdered. He had been working on a machine to accelerate time. ("ARM". Based on Hamilton's statement that the Anubis case had been "early last year". Note: The story is distinctly dated as 4 June 2124.)

Hamilton travels to the Moon as a delegate to the Conference to Review Lunar Law. It is held in Hovestraydt City, Grimalde Crater. Hamilton still works for Garner. There are representatives of five lunar cities (Hovestraydt City, Marxgrad?, Outer Soviet?, Clavius*?, Tycho*?, Luna City*?). ("Patchwork Girl". Based on date of 157 years after first landing on the moon.)
10 April: Antsie de Campo, owner and pilot of the Chili Bird out of Vesta arrives on the Moon.
12 April: Chris Penzler, Fourth Speaker for the Belt and delegate to the conference, is attacked. Hamilton works with the Goldskin Marion Shaeffer to track the killer.
13 April: The Chili Bird leaves Moon with two passengers, Dr. Raymond Forward and a four year old Ruth Hancock Cowles (a clone of Naomi), headed for Confinement Asteroid. Naomi Mitchison is tried for the attempted murder.
18 April: Penzler is finally murdered by Alan Watson. Naomi Mitchison applies for Belt Citizenship. Valerie Van Scopp Rhine's body is discovered in Del Rey Crater. Lucas Garner is 188 years old at this time. ("The Girl in Del Rey Crater").

Free Parks are common. ("The Cloak of Anarchy", KSC)

First recorded Belter taken by "The Snatcher", and returned after four months. ("Protector")

The Arthur C. Clarke arrives at Plateau. Its crew and passengers are forced to accept the old Covenant of Planetfall. (Based on a launch date of 2122, and a trip length of 30 years. Game date 2140.)

Slowboats launched towards Epsilon Indii. [Date is estimated, based on speed of slowboats in "A Gift from Earth".]

Second expedition to Persephone. They find no moon. Based on this, the previous expedition of 2094 is considered by astronomers to have been a fraud. ("Protector")

Fist-of-God mountain created. ["3500 falans ago" by Louis Wu's initial estimate.] ("Ringworld Throne")

c 2175
Earth has to "restart" the gulf stream to combat an Ice Age. ("Ghost"; exact date is unclear)

An ice asteroid is discovered by Mahmed. It crashes into Mars, most likely destroying any surviving Martians. ("Protector"; Game gives this as 2293, and the asteroid's name as Mahrem)

Home, in the Epsilon Indii system, is colonized by a combination of Slowboats and Ramrobot supply ships.

A Belter is taken by "The Snatcher", and returned after four months. ("Protector")

Jinx declares independence. (Game)

c 2200
Buford Early is born. (MKW5 "The Hall of the Mountain King")

Approximate beginning of the "Long Peace" on Earth. (MKW5 "The Hall of the Mountain King")

First colonists arrive at Silvereyes, in the Beta Hydri system. (Game)

Mary Boethals dissapears, and is returned after four months. ("Protector")

A Belter, Norma Steir, is taken by "The Snatcher", and returned after four months. ("Protector")

Charles Mon dissapears, and is returned after four months. ("Protector")

A Belter taken by "The Snatcher", and returned after four months. ("Protector")

A Belter, Dandridge Sukarno, is taken by "The Snatcher", and returned after four months ("Protector")

Great Plague on Plateau. (Game)

c 2300
Kzinti invade Altair. ("The Warriors". Date is actually unknown, but I thought it needed to be mentioned!)


Doug Hooker is diagnosed as being paranoid. ("Ethics of Madness". Date is estimated, based on date of Angel's Pencil being launched. Date in story is 2514; KSC date is, at best, speculative. The story is dated from 2514-2585, KSC says that the date is 2425, but involves "safe" Ramjet Technology.)

Safe Ramscoop is invented by Moscow Motors. ("Ethics of Madness"; see 2309 for date rationale)

A Belter, Lawrence Jannifer, is taken by "The Snatcher", and returned after four months. ("Protector")

First safe Ramship built by Skyhook Enterprises. ("Ethics of Madness"; see 2309 for date rationale)

Ramrobot #141 is launched from asteroid Juno towards Sirius / Jinx. (A Gift from Earth"; date is estimated)

c 2340 By this time, the wirehead problem has stabilized. ("Protector")
September 2340 to January 2341
Elroy Truesdale disappears for four months. ("Protector")

Elroy Truesdale and the Goldskin Alice Jordan go seeking after Vandervecken. They find the man formerly known as Jack Brennan on the artificial world of Kobold. Discovery of the Pak fleet enroute to Earth. Departure of Truesdale and Brennan aboard the Flying Dutchman, and the destruction of Kobold.

Ramrobot #142 is launched from asteroid Juno towards Alpha Centauri / Wunderland. ("A Gift from Earth"; date is estimated)

Ramrobot #143 is launched from asteroid Juno towards Tau Ceti / Plateau. ("A Gift from Earth"; date is estimated)

Pak ships alter course. ("Protector")

Ramrobot #144 is launched from asteroid Juno towards Procyon / We Made It. ("A Gift from Earth"; date is estimated)

Truesdale and Brennan meet the first Pak Ships. ("Protector")

Ramrobot #142 arrives at Wunderland. [Date is an estimate]

2348* Ramrobot #141 arrives at Jinx. [Date is an estimate]

Home Colony "fails" when Truesdale releases the "Tree of Life" virus into the atmosphere, in order to make more human Protectors. ("Protector")

Greg and Joanna Loeffler emigrate to Plateau. ("Ethics of Madness"; see 2309 for date rationale.)

Angel's Pencil, a "Safe Ramjet", launched towards We Made It / Procyon. (It is the fourth "slowboat" to be sent to Procyon.) ("The Warriors", MKW 6 "The Heroic Myth of Lt. Nora Argamentine". At least one story suggests it was launched toward Epsilon Eridani instead.)

Peter Nordbo is born. (MKW3 "Inconstant Star")

c 2355
Ramrobot #143 lands on Plateau. It leads to a revolution which destroys the Planck and abolishes the Covenant of Planetfall. [Date in Game and MKW1 "Iron" is 2397, Date is 2410 in KSC.]

Ramrobot #144 lands on We Made it, after passing an Outsider ship. ("A Gift from Earth"; date is estimated)

Greg and Joanna Loeffler reach Plateau. ("Ethics of Madness"; see 2309 for date rationale)

First Kzin scouts probe the Wunderland System. (MKW5 "The Hall of the Mountain King").

Hooker stops taking his medication. ("Ethics of Madness"; see 2309 for date rationale)

Angel's Pencil meets a Kzin Warship and defeats it. ("The Warriors").

Ka'ashi / Alpha Centauri / Wunderland is invaded by a Kzin fleet from Hssin (a world in the R'hshssia / Innes's Star system). (MKW4 "The Survivor")

The populace of Wunderland holds off the Kzin for nearly six months while they refit the three slowboats in orbit. (MKW2 "The Children's Hour")

Hooker steals a Ramship. ("Ethics of Madness"; see 2309 for date rationale)

Three slowboats (R.P.Feynman) flee Wunderland. Ingrid Raines is on board. (MKW2 "The Children's Hour")

Wunderland occupied by Kzin forces.

The report of the Kzin warship arrives at Earth. (MKW7 "The Colonel's Tiger")

People begin being taken off their drugs to prepare for the impending war. (MKW3 "Madness Has Its Place")

First Kzinti Fleet is launched against Sol.

Hooker reaches Plateau and kills Joanna Loeffler, her daughter, son-in-law, and a grandson. ("Ethics of Madness"; see 2309 for date rationale)

Hooker flees Plateau, followed by Greg Loeffler. Hooker unknowingly kills Loeffler with his comunications laser. ("Ethics of Madness"; see 2309 for date rationale)

Peter Nordbo inherits the Landholdership of Gerning on Wunderland. (MKW3 "Inconstant Star")

First Fleet is destroyed by the Strather Launch Array. (MKW7 "A Darker Geometry")

Second Kzinti Fleet is launched against Sol.

Harold's Terran Bar opens. (MKW2 "The Children's Hour")

Second Fleet is shattered by the Mercury Launch batteries. One fourth is totally destroyed. The remainder limp back to Alpha Centauri. (MKW7 "A Darker Geometry", MKW4 "The Man Who Would Be Kzin")

Col. Buford Early uses a Telepath, Halloran, to gauge the Kzinti response. (MKW4 "The Man Who Would Be Kzin")

Short-Son of Chiir Nig is on Hssin / Innes's Star. (MKW4 "The Survivor")

The Third Fleet is launched against Sol under Chsst-Admiral, Dominant Commander of the Fleet. (MKW7 "A Darker Geometry")

Third Fleet hits the Solar System in a more subtle feint-and-pounce attack. They shatter Sol's defences before being destroyed. (MKW7 "A Darker Geometry")

Chuut-Riit's Fleet passes through Hssin's system. Short-son, now Trainer-of-Slaves, is "recruited". (MKW4 "The Survivor")

The Sun-Tzu / Dolittle is launched toward Alpha Centauri as a part of Project Cherubim, a plan to use Human Protectors against the Kzinti. (MKW7 "A Darker Geometry")

Jinxian scientists develop boosterspice. (MKW6 "The Heroic Myth of Nora Argamentine")

Trainer-of-Slaves reaches Ka'ashi / Alpha Centauri. (MKW4 "The Survivor")

Chuut-Riit arrives at Wunderland to command the forces there. (MKW2 "The Children's Hour")

Fourth Kzinti Fleet begins to prepare to invade Sol when the news of the Third Fleet's failure reaches them. (MKW4 "The Survivor")

Under the advise of Jacobi, Kraach-Captain takes Kenneth Upton-Schleisser's family hostage. (MKW6 "Trojan Cat")

The Sun-Tzu encounters the Belly-Slasher in interstellar space. The Dolittle is destroyed. Both Sun-Tzu and Belly Slasher are picked up by an Outsider vessel. (MKW7 "A Darker Geometry")

Fourth Fleet is launched. (It includes some "Unclawed" human crewmembers as well.) It is the first fleet to employ a professional force. (MKW4 "The Survivor", MKW2 "The Children's Hour")

Five Black Prides (or battle fleets) girdle the Alpha Centauri fleet. (MKW4 "The Survivor")

Kenneth Upton-Schleisser catches up to the R.P.Feynman, ostensibly to turn the Slowboat over to the Kzin to allw them to infiltrate the Solar defenses just before the Fourth Fleet is scheduled to hit the Solar System. (MKW6 "Trojan Cat")

The Slowboats from Wunderland arrive at Sol. (MKW2 "The Children's Hour", MKW6 "Trojan Cat")

Ulf Reichstein Markham is 18 years old, and joins the resistance. (MKW1 "Iron") The Fourth Fleet reaches Sol and is destroyed, although just barely, at the Battle of Ceres. (MKW2 "The Children's Hour", MKW4 "The Survivor")

UNSN Catskinner / Yamamoto (under Capt. Jonah Matthieson and Lt. Ingrid Raines) is launched from Sol. (MKW2 "The Children's Hour")

"Outsiders" contact a ship near We Made It. The human colonists learn from them the secrets of the hyperdrive. Stefan Brozik begins to build hyperdrive shunts. Brobdig Shaeffer is one of his engineers. (MKW6 "The Heroic Myth of Lt. Nora Argamentine")

Beginning of the construction of the Hyperspace Armada. (Game)
Yiao-Captain takes Peter Nordbo Landholder of Gerning on Wunderland on a quest to a distant star in the constellation of Tigripardus. (MKW3 "Inconstant Star")

Fifth Fleet is in the planning stage.

The hyperspace ships from We Made it arrive at Earth, bringing the new technology. (MKW4 "The Survivor")

News of the Fourth Fleet's fate is received back at Wunderland.

Approximate ETA of the Pak First Emigration Fleet's arrival at Earth. (The fleet never actually arrives.) ("Protector")

UNSN Catskinner reaches Alpha Centauri and shatters the spine of the Kzin Command. Catskinner and her crew are captured by Ulf Markham of the "Free Wunderland Navy". Chuut-Riit is eaten by his children. (MKW2 "The Children's Hour")

Aboard the UNSN Shark, the first FTL human vessel to reach Alpha Centauri, Lt. Nora Argamentine leads a crew specifically to track down the crew of the Catskinner / Yamamoto. The Shark is destroyed, and Lt. Argementine is captured and turned over to the Kzin "Trainer-of-slaves". (MKW4 "The Survivor")

The Thrint Dnivotopun and his family are released from Stasis by Ulf Markham. General Buford Early is discovered to have stowed away in Stassis. The Kzin mobilize to stop the "Slaver". Wunderland's moon is destroyed, the Kzin fifth is destroyed before Catskinner, Dnivotopun and the family of Thrinti vanish back into stasis. The origin of Kdapt-Preacher. (MKW3 "The Asteroid Queen")

The UNSN Outsider's Gift, a hyperdrive ship, reaches Alpha Centauri. (MKW3 "The Asteroid Queen")

The UN Armada/"Hyperfleet" follows as the UN invades Wunderland. The Kzinti are driven from Alpha Centauri. Nora Argamentine and the Jokoti of Teacher of Slaves rebel and kill all but Teacher aboard the NestingSlashtoothBitch. Teacher flies the ship to Hssin. (MKW4 "The Survivor")

Ulf Reichstein Markham is 30 years old. (MKW1 "Iron")

Ulf Reichstein Markham is in the office of the Minister for War for the Provisional Government. Jonah Mattheison, having alienated General Buford Early, is reduced to being on the bum in Munchen when he is hired to work in a mining operation in the distant Jotun Range. After this, he goes off with Tyra Nordbo. (MKW5 "The Hall of the Mountain King")

An assault on Hssin wipes out the Kzin presence in that system. (MKW5 "The Hall of the Mountain King", MKW4 "The Survivor", MKW6 "The Heroic Myth of Lt. Nora Argamentine")

NestingSlashtoothBitch arrives at Hssin, only to find that the UN Fleet had scoured it of organized Kzin activity. (MKW4 "The Survivor")

The Battle of Down. It is a "Victory" with a loss of three humans to each Kzin killed. Among the killed is Vice Commander Yoni Marshall. (MKW6 "The Heroic Myth of Lt. Nora Argamentine")

Down (L5 1668) is annexed from the Kzin.
We Made It marines are badly beaten during their assault on Ch'Aakin. (MKW6 "The Heroic Myth of Lt. Nora Argamentine")

Margrave (L Serpens / 27 Serpens) discovered by J. Margrave Julland. His ship crashes on the surface, and the eight survivors vanish.

Monkeyshine is born to Nora Argamentine. (MKW6 "The Heroic Myth of Lt. Nora Argamentine")

Yankee Clandeboye is involved in the Virgo Fiasco. Commander Shimmel takes the Virgo Volunteers to 59 Virginis, in 12 Hyperships, and loses 780 men. Clandeboye is charged with mutiny. (MKW6 "The Heroic Myth of Lt. Nora Argamentine")

The MacDonald-Rishaii Peace Treaty concluded. (MKW4 "The Survivor")

Teacher-of-Slaves and his Jotaki slaves complete rebuilding of Shark in the ruins of Hssin, with the brain-damaged but surviving Nora. (MKW4 "The Survivor")

The Shark is finally able to travel to W'kkai (BD+50 1725 / HDraper 88230 / Gleis-830), deep in the sphere of the Patriarchy. Teacher-of-Slaves assumes the name Grraf-Nig.

Major Yankee Clandeboye is ordered to track down his cousin, Nora Argamentine. Grraf-Nig begins to suspect the W'kkai Kzin of treason against the Patriarch. (MKW6 "The Heroic Myth of Lt. Nora Argamentine")

Graff-Nig's plans for escape fall through, and he is renamed "Conundrum-Prisoner". Major Yankee Clandeboye returns to Earth with Nora's diary. Nora's myth begins to grow. (MKW6 "The Heroic Myth of Nora Argamentine")

Hwass-Hwasschoaw is returned to W'kkai. He purchases Nora and her children. Major Yankee Clandeboye is assigned to Barnard's Starbase. Graff-Nig begins to translate stolen materials sent by Ulf Reichstein Markham for the Patriarch. Nora returns is taken to Barnard's Starbase with Clandeboye. (MKW6 "The Heroic Myth of Nora Argamentine")

"Trolls and Bridges" is established to teach the UN Navy how to run a war outside ARM channels. "The Myth of Nora Argamentine" is published.
(MKW6 "The Heroic Myth of Nora Argamentine")

The Rover and her crew travel to explore a unique star. The Kzin get the Hyperdrive. (MKW1 "Iron"; date is "10 years after the war")

Ulf Reichstein Markham is 50 years old; he dies. Engaged by Tyra Nordbo, the Rover and her crew travel in search of the final fate of Peter Nordbo. They encounter a powerful Tnuctip artifact built around a black hole. They rescue Nordbo. (MKW3 "Inconstant Star"; date is "10 years after the war")

Second Man-Kzin War begins by diversionary attacks on Sigma Draconis and Barnard's Star. (Game)

Second Man-Kzin War ends. The Kdatlyno are freed. (Game)

c 2490
Humans aboard the Hopewell make first contact with the Pierin near Zeta Reticuli. (Game)

c 2495*
Third Man-Kzin War begins. [Game dates this as 2491-2531.]

c 2500*
Wunderlanders carve the Canyon on Warhead. Third Man-Kzin War ends. Warhead (p Eridani) annexed, and renamed Canyon. ("Ringworld Engineers"; Game)

c 2500
Manned Ramscoop obsolete. (KSC)

Contact with the Puppeteers made by a human named Pierson. They are sometimes referred to as Pierson's Puppeteers. (KSC)

Contact with various other aliens, some as part of the Kzinti Empire. (KSC)

c 2550
Nessus enters Human Space. ("Ringworld")

Locklear is captured by Kzin looking for the Eridani worlds, and stranded on an uncharted world orbitting a black dwarf. There he encounters sentient female Kzinti and telepathic Neanderthal. (MKW1 "Cathouse"; MKW2 "Briar Patch". Date is a guess, but is shortly before the 4th War.)

The Callisto is on a spy mission behind the "Chord of Contact" when it crashes on a planet, only to be met by a Kzin ship scouting for the Last Fleet heading to attack Margrave, under Admiral Lehruff. The crew of Callisto free the crypto-Ptavv Guerdoth's Pruntaquilan Balladeer Coquaturia. (MKW5 "Hey Diddle Diddle")

Fourth Man-Kzin War begins by a series of kamikaze attacks on human ships guarding the Eridani worlds. (Game. Note that the Game dates for the fourth war are 2560-2584. However, because of the information in "Flatlander", I have moved it up, but have retained the duration.)

Harvey Mossbauer's family is killed and eaten. ("Ringworld Engineers")

Sinbad Jabar lands on Meerowsk, and invades the Hareem of the Patriarch's Voice. His stuffed body is placed on display. ("Procustes")

c 2570*
Harvey Mossbauer lands on Kzin and sets a bomb in the Hareen of the Patriarch. He is taken intact and stuffed for display. ("Ringworld Engineers")

c 2560-2575
Sometime during these years is a time of peace between the fourth and fifth wars.

2562 *
Major stock market crash. (77 years before "A Relic of Empire")

End of the Fifth Man-Kzin War. ("Prisoner of War")

Home is recolonized. (Game)

A single Kzin ship attacks the Solar System. ("Prisoner of War". Date is a guess, although the five Man-Kzin wars are mentioned.)

c 2600
Transfer Booths are introduced?

The Sixth Man-Kzin War begins. ["Ringworld" says there have been six Man-Kzin Wars, and that the last was 250 years before -- i.e., c2600.]

Humans occupy Kzin during war. ("Flatlander" says "thirty years ago")

Sixth Man-Kzin War ends. [Date is a guess, estimated from a date 40 Kzin years prior to "The Soft Weapon".]

Jason Papandreou is a volunteer gunner in an Earth Warship.

The war is highly unequal, in Earth's favor. Two Kzin worlds are annexed (Fafnir and ???). The Kzin are placed on probationary status, allowed to possess NO weapons other than police restraint devices. ("The Soft Weapon")

Beowulf Shaeffer becomes chief pilot for Nakamura Lines. ("Neutron Star")

Dr. Richard Schultz-Mann begins to track Stage Trees across Known Space. (12 years before "A Relic of Empire")

Gregory Pelton buys a No.2 General Products Hull. ("Flatlander")

Stock Market Crash. Nakamura Lines goes belly-up. Beowulf Shaeffer is given passage to We Made It and some expectations of back pay. ("Neutron Star")

Richard Schultz-Mann encounters pirates. ("A Relic of Empire". [Date is unknown, but takes place before the Puppeteers leave Known Space. For lack of any more specific information, I have placed it assuming that the stock market crash that "Captain Kidd" threatened to cause was the one that collapsed Nakamura Lines.)

Nakamura Lines goes bankrupt; no back-pay for Shaeffer. ("Neutron Star")

Beowulf Shaeffer is hired by the Puppeteers to investigate BVS-1, formerly called Phthsspok's Star. Sigmund Ausfaller plants a bomb aboard Shaeffer's ship Skydiver. ("Neutron Star")
This is the last time Carlos Wu is off Earth for nine years. ("The Borderland of Sol")
Shaeffer hires a ghostwriter, Ander Smitarrasheed. ("Crashlander")

Puppeteers develop the Quantum II Hyperdrive. (KSC)

Beowulf Shaeffer is again hired by the Puppeteers to test-fly a QII Hyperdrive vessel. He discovers that the core of the Galaxy is exploding. ("At the Core" -- four years after "Neutron Star")

The Puppeteer Exodus begins, causing a massive stock market crash. (KSC)

Shaeffer meets Elephant (Gregory Pelton) and Sharrol Janss (an analyst for Donovan's Brains Inc). Shaeffer and Elephant travel to the most unique world in Known Space and discover what can harm a General Products Hull. ("Flatlander" -- shortly after "At The Core")

Shaeffer and Sharrol move in together in Nome. ("Crashlander")

The Puppeteers disappear. [This is based on date in "Ringworld", although end of "At the Core" implies this happens before Shaeffer returns.]

Contact with Grogs. (KSC, "The Handicapped". Date is unknown, but Beowulf Shaeffer knows about Grogs in "Ghosts", and sessile Grogs are being shipped in "Grendel".)

Shaeffer is traveling to Gummidgy when the Kdatlyno artist Lloobee is kidnapped. ("Grendel". Four years after "Flatlander", but seven years after Nakamura Lines collapses.)

Intrabelt Mining sells three tugs to the Sixth Congregational Church of Rodney. ("At the Borderland of Sol")

Tanya Wu is born. ("Procustes")

Louis Gridley Wu is born. Ship disappearances around Sol. Beowulf Shaeffer is stranded for three months on Jinx, where he runs into Carlos Wu. Dr. Julian Forward is practicing piracy.... *using the remnants of Kobald? ("The Borderland of Sol". Mention is made of this being 2 years after "Grendel"; however, it is "eight years or thereabouts" after Neutron Star.)

c 2650
According to "Ringworld", it is about this time that the Fertility Laws are revised to allow more Birthrights. They can be purchased, fought for in the Arena, or won by Lottery.

Some sort of Incident with the Kzin? (Game)

Beowulf Shaeffer and Sharrol move to Fafnir with Carlos Wu and Feather Filip. ("Crashlander")

Shaeffer meets up with Ander Smitarrasheed. Smitarrasheed kills Ausfaller in order to gain Carlos Wu's nanotech autodoc. Shaeffer and Sharrol emmigrate to Home. ("Ghost" / "Crashlander" framing story. Date is estimated based on internal evidence.)

Nessus and the Papandreous run into some hostile Kzinti. ("The Soft Weapon". 12 years after "At the Core", 40 Kzin-years after the last war?)

Louis Wu studies stories of the Puppeteers in college. ("Ringworld")

Puppeteer Fleet of Worlds leaves Known Space. ("The Soft Weapon")

c 2700
Expansion, Consolidation, Relative Peace. (KSC)
Thruster Drives replace fusion drives (but not entirely). (KSC)

Louis Wu makes the first contact with the Trinocs. ("There is a Tide" -- Louis Wu is 180 years old, hence born in 2650)

UN-Trinoc Treaty. (Game)

Louis Wu is 200 years old. In exchange for the Quantum II Hyperdrive, Louis Wu, Teela Brown and Speaker-To-Animals begin their journey to the Ringworld in Nessus' ship, the Lying Bastard.

The Lying Bastard impacts on Ringworld. (Date given in "Ringworld Throne")

c 2852
The Conservative faction takes over the Puppeteer government and ousts the Hindmost. ("The Ringworld Engineers")

Halrloprillalar dies. ("The Ringworld Engineers")

Chmee, formerly Speaker-To-Animals, takes Louis Wu on a tour of Kzin. ("The Ringworld Engineers")
Louis Wu visits the hunting park outside Blood-of-Chwarambr City at the invitation of Chtarra-Ritt. ("The Ringworld Throne")

Teela leaves the spill mountains. ("Over 40 falans ago" -- "Ringworld Throne")
A large body impacting the sun sets the Ring off-center. (22 falans before the Hot Needle of Inquiry arrives on Ringworld -- "Ringworld Throne")

Louis Wu is kidnapped by a Puppeteer to return to the Ringworld. [It's been "22 years" since he's seen a Puppeteer; however, the date is given specifically in "Ringworld Throne"]

Louis Wu, Chmee, and the Hindmost reach the Ringworld aboard the Hot Needle of Inquiry. Louis Wu boils a sea to stop a plague of Mirror Sunflowers. ("Ringworld Engineers"; date given in "Ringworld Throne")

Ringworld stability restored. ("Ringworld Engineers". Date given in "Ringworld Throne": "The sun moved....")
Louis and Chmee leave Map of Mars on Hidden Patriarch. ("Ringworld Throne")

Chmee and Louis Wu part company, with Chmee leaving for the Map of Earth. ("Ringworld Throne")

Louis left Harkee and Kawa. ("Ringworld Throne")

The Reds made peace with the Grass Giants. ("Ringworld Throne" -- "30 falans ago")

Grass Giants gathered with the Reds and Sea People and shared maps . ("Ringworld Throne" -- "24 falans ago")

Valavirgillin gathers together a party of Vampire Hunters. Louis Wu visits Weaver Town.
The first Kzin ships arrive at the Ring, they are accompanied by, or closely followed by, an ARM warfleet. These are stopped by the Hindmost and Bram.

The Hindmost and Louis Wu defeat the remainder of Teela Brown's Protectors, as well as Bram and Ann. Tunesmith, the newly made Ghoul Protector, joins them. ("Ringworld Throne")

(Son-of-Chmee and an ex-ARM named Quinn travel to Ringworld.) [Referred to in Ringworld "encyclopedia".]

c 2900-3000
Expansion. Known Space becomes the Thousand Worlds. (KSC)
Longevity strongly effects society. (KSC)

Minor incident on Margrave. ("Safe at Any Speed")

c 22,500
Expected arrival of the Core Wave Front. End of most life in Known Space..... presumably.

c 120,000
Loeffler's ship comes close enough to Hooker's ship to destroy its life system. ("The Ethics of Madness")